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Paycase Crypto Exchange (CX) is fully compliant and trusted by Tier 1 institutions.

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Decentralized blockchain networks currently have no central governance, but that won’t always be the case. Regulation is coming­­. For mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, it is inevitable. Paycase is working with major financial institutions, governing bodies and the TMX Group to set the standard in crypto trading and help institutionalize cryptocurrencies as an asset class.

100% Compliant

100% Compliant

Fast Fiat Deposits

Fast Fiat Deposits

Deep Liquidity

Deep Liquidity

Trusted Data Network

Trusted Data Network

Liquid Gold

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There’s money to be made in blockchain. Crypto ICOs are a universal currency with international liquidity.

But, with the volatility of the crypto market, dollars can be lost simply by investing on the wrong exchange platform.

Diversify your investments without the uncertainty on our fully compliant crypto exchange.

Zero-Tolerance Policy

Zero-Tolerance Policy.

All Paycase Financial companies, including Paycase CX, have a zero-tolerance policy in regards to money laundering, fraud or scam ICOs.

If a crypto currency or token is listed on our exchange, you can assure its legitimacy. We only work with people and partners we trust, so you can trust us.

Industry Credibility.

Paycase CX is part of the data service offerings from Paycase Financial, an industry leader in decentralized financial services.

Paycase Financial is a proud partner of TMX. Their latest undertaking sees Paycase Financial working directly with Shorcan Digital Currency Network, a wholly-owned subsidiary of TMX, to launch a new cryptocurrency brokerage service focused on Bitcoin and Ether. Together with TMX, Paycase Financial is pioneering a new future in both traditional and digital finance.

Industry Credibility

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